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26 June 2019

Plenary Session 1

Parallel Session A1: Small farm diversification

Parallel Session B1: Farm structures and typologies

Parallel Session C1: Smallholder strategies

Organized Session A2: Current challenges and way forward for Chinese agriculture after 40 years of rural reforms

Parallel Session B2: Cooperatives

Organized Session C2: Development of small-scale farms in Kyrgyzstan: Policy challenges and productivity driving factors

Special Session

27 June 2019

Plenary Session 2: Policy environment of small farmers in large Eurasian countries

Organized Session A3: The role and development of agricultural cooperatives in promoting smallholders in transition economies 

Parallel Session B3: Cooperation

Parallel Session C3: Farm size and growth 

Organized Session A4: The political economy of agricultural policies

Parallel Session B4: Technologies for small farms

Parallel session C4: Markets and trade

Organized Session A5: Strategies to stimulate inclusive growth of small farms: Evidence from South East Europe

Parallel Session B5: Agricultural policies and farm resilience

Parallel Session C5: Land markets

28 June 2019

Organized Session A6: Dichotomy between small-scale and large-scale farms

Parallel Session B6: Extension services

Parallel Session C6: Food security

Plenary Session 3

Panel Discussion D1: The future of semi-subsistence farms and public policies towards inclusive agricultural development